Tim Keller

I started listening to Tim Keller’s sermons in 2001. Back then you could only get his sermons on cassette tapes and by ordering them from Redeemer. During 2003-2004 life was such that Tim Keller was the main teaching influence in my life. A mentor if you will. I never stopped ordering Keller’s sermons. Each year I would order just about every 2-3 weeks and as time went on, the format changed. From tapes to CD’s and finally to MP3’s.

Around 2007 I attempted a site like this here. It did not last long, but I really did want it to. I think having the sermon notes available to folks would be beneficial, with the added benefit of listening to them all again and taking notes. Something I really enjoy.

Timothy Keller’s biography page is here.

Books by Timothy Keller